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These are the official species as recognized by me, however The list is not concrete and the system is (will be) designed to reflect the vastness of the above and set for creating custom species.


The Orion Arm; Sol; Terra

Humanity was born of equal measures conflict, communication, and science. Their planet’s history is long but their (word needed) in the galaxy has just begun.


The Orion Arm; Binary System Albireo; Omeka





Canis Major; VY Canis Majoris; Hiron

The space around the star VY Canis Majoris (Here after referred to as VY) was thought, for hundreds of years, to be unexplorable due to the massive gravity-well generated by the star, theoretically generating enough pull at it’s edges which would prevent many of the galaxies ships from escape and causing FTL drives to operate ineffectively or unpredictably inside. It has been discovered in the last 150 years that a single planet orbits the star and inhabiting the planet are the D’Hirona. Most sentients believe that the D’Hirona must have technology for FTL drives that will work inside the gravity wells of large stellar bodies, this is far from truth.

The Construct

The construct simply put is 90% of a D’Hirona body and 100% of what’s visible. The construct is a highly complex mechanical and electrical system housing the central and vital organs of the adult D’Hirona. The entire system weighs approximately 16 tonnes and stands 3 meters tall.


(Cycle is in refrence to one orbital period of the planet Hiron around the star VY.) The D’Hirona are a race of bio-mechanical beings massive in stature. Studies and interviews of willing subjects show that only 10% of the original biological body remains after the first cycle of the D’Hirona’s life. The Species reproduces asexually generating once per cycle a single mass of cells which grows over the course of a single cycle into a full grown D’Hirona. The means of modern reproduction in an adult is mechanically assisted by the construct.


150 Million Kilometers. TheOnlyManEver